Attendance Tracking Systems

For Seminars, Events, and Meetings

Check In and Check Out Attendance System

Attendance Tracker Pro (ATP) is an event tracking software that uses barcode scanners to track attendees in classes, sessions or meetings. Using badge scanners to scan barcode ID cards, attendance can be verified and recorded. Generate reports that show attendance using CEU credits, points and more. Data exports easily to excel or other programs. Simple to use but extremely flexible. Attendance Tracker can be fully integrated with barcode scanning devices to track attendance for each attendee.

Create Registration Links
Print Barcoded Badges
identity badge scanners
Rent Badge Scanners
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Record In and Out Times
Unattended Badge Scanning
Generate attendance reports
Automated Attendance Reports
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Attendee In/Out Time Tracking

Attendance Tracker is a web-based software that can determine the total time attendees scan in and out of your sessions. Tracking attendance using barcode scanners is vital for assigning CEU credits or points and gauge the effectiveness of your seminars or classes. Attendance Tracker provides reports and Excel exports so that you can easily integrate these features into your attendance tracking system.


Automated Attendance Tracking

  • Cloud-Based Attendance Solution
  • Auto-Scan or Self-Scan Badges
  • Customizable Attendance Reports
  • CME Attendee Credit Reports
  • Barcode Badge Printing
  • Self-Registration Tools
  • Allows Restricted Entry to Sessions
Manage Attendees with Badge Scanners

Easily Manage Event Attendance

Badge Printing

  • Print Barcode Badges
  • Create QR Code Badges
  • Scan Badges for Lead Retrieval
  • Badge Data Stored In The Cloud
  • No More Manual Data Entry

Attendance Tracking

  • Ensure Attendance Accuracy
  • Easily Scan Thousands of Badges
  • Monitor Individual Attendance Time
  • Calculate Credits or Points Earned
  • Track Entry & Exit Times
  • Restrict Entry Scanning

Attendance Reports

  • Customizable Attendance Reports
  • Integrates with Other Software¬†
  • Create Specific Attendee Reports
  • Event & Session Attendance Metrics
  • Create Credit Reports for CEU
  • No More Manual Exports

Built for Meeting Attendance Planners

The power to keep event planners moving in the right direction with the least effort. Contact an MSS Software specialist to discuss your needs for your next event or meeting.

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